Specialised Supported Employment

Employment is a journey in life. With the right support and work environment, focussed on learning, positivity and lots of encouragement. HFA & Disability Services assist people with disabilities that are eligible for or receiving NDIS supports to realise their work-related aspirations and goals.

"I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
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What is Specialised Supported Employment?

The NDIS has positioned itself to respond to Participant employment needs not currently met by other systems. They have made it explicitly clear that they will not fill the gaps that exist within current DSS and employer systems.

Undoubtedly, employment supports under the NDIS remains a very complex area. Participants, families and HFA & Disability Services will need greater clarity before they can navigate the two systems and understand where their support needs fit.

Moreover, the NDIS has identified that they will be responsible (through Partners in Community, in particular, the Local Area Coordinators) for building relationships with mainstream providers and the local community to improve their understanding of employment needs of people with disabilities.

Participants who identify employment as a goal, will not necessarily receive ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’ funds in their plan. Instead, they may be referred to mainstream supports and be assessed for their eligibility to meet Job Seekers Australia (JSA) access criteria. The exception will be people in transitioning Australian Disability Enterprises.

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