Assist Life Staging

We,HFA and disabilty, acknowledge the important choice in the life of people with disabilities. We work with these people and identify their priorities so that we can deliver services according to their needs.

Our Assistance with life stage transition service includes working with participants daily, weekly, and monthly assisting them at all stages so that they can achieve their goals.

Our staff is skilled and professional in providing high quality support and services to each participant. We provide support to our participants so they can participate in daily and community activities.

This service includes short and long-term supports to our participants that focus on strengthening the participant’s ability to coordinate. Our staff is happy to assist you to live at home and participate in your community.

These services include:

• Establish supportive networks in a client’s community circle.
• Financial / budgeting mentoring.
• Life planning and goal planning.
• Medication support.
• Attending appointments.
• Assistance coordinating supports.
• Developing independent self-care and Capacity building skills.

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