Who we are:

We are a disability service provider that strives to work with people with disabilities and their families We work on a holistic approach with our participants to enhance their full potential of life by making their plan journey competent. As an ndis provider we are dedicated to helping people with disability in the community live a rewarding lives by working together and turning challenges they face every day into achievable goals and possibilities. We are a diverse community organisation with an aim of ensuring we are there to support our community members both now and in the future.


To be a leading community disability service provider in Australia.



HFA & Disability Services is about ‘Individuals’ and the supports, services and assistance that is essential at various times and stages of their lives. We endeavor to assist individuals in maintaining and improving their quality of life, achieving their individual goals and working on their personal potential.

Principally, our mission is to ensure that our supports and services provide the flexibility and choice to improve the quality of life and well-being of a person. Our aim to provide a range of an all-inclusive method of care and support that develops opportunities and empowers people in their everyday lives.